Listhesis, it is graded in 5 stages (1 is the least and five the worst). viagra generic  lots of different causes including congenital, trauma, degenerative etc etc jeremy jeremy parker 2 32 forum posts 1 bookmark 3 event entries fikalina 29/01/2009 at 10:41 yep that's the one jeremy. order viagra online Mine is grade 1. Chiro reckons could have happened when i was young especially as i used to do gymnastics. Who knows. Damn it. cheap viagra online  i only got told this when i went to see the chiro and he looked at my lumbar mri and it was clear even for me to see once it was pointed out!. The sports med doc who originally ordered my mri never even mentioned it to me... viagra uk for women Fikalina 633 forum posts 1 bookmark wee_nic 12/02/2009 at 15:21 hi i thought i would share my story. I was diagnosed with hip impingement in june 2008. I thought i had a groin strain in aug 2006 and i had pain on the side of my hip. I was diagnosed with bursitis by my physio. I eventually recieved steroid injections which didnt help either. cheap pills viagra Apparently it is very common for impingement to be misdiagnosed as bursitis. viagra quit working I was lucky that the new registrar i seen at the clinic one day had been on a  lecture the week before on mis-diagnosis of bursitis. viagra cost I was sent for an x-ray then mri then mri arthrogram which confirmed impingement and labral tear. I am now 4 weeks post open hip surgery. I now have 3 screws in my hip. yahoo answers buy viagra online I will be on crutches for 3 months but the hope is i will be able to run again in the future.  the operation is not fully recommended yet as its new but there is guidance online and the consultant gave me them to read before i agreed to the surgery.     my consultant would not do key hole as i am only 26 and he said that at my age key hole carries a greater risk of bone damage. I would say to everyone if you have the symptoms keep perservering! viagra uk for women I waited 2 and a half yrs and wasted £400 on a chiropractor who said there was nothing wrong with my hip it was my back. I took the xray from the chirpopractor to my consultant at my first appointment a year after my injury and he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with my back.   edited: 12/02/2009 at 15:22 wee_nic 10 forum posts plodding mum 13/02/2009 at 12:00 hi wee_nic, thanks for sharing your story. cheapest generic super viagra I'm very interested to hear of others' experiences of hip impingement a. how long before viagra takes effect